To show your home to its best advantage we recommend doing the following.



Why should I hire a stager?

There are many reasons -

Staging a home benefits the agent by making the home easier to show, the seller by helping them to sell faster for a better price and the buyer because we highlight the potential of a home, often bringing out possibilities that were previously hidden.

Buyers make a lot more decisions about going to see a house based on the photos available online. Staging makes your photos look great.

People are much more accustomed to good design because of the familiarity with model homes and design shows on TV. They are therefore much more demanding about the appearance of a home they will buy.

Most buyers want move -in condition. And those who don't, don't pay top dollar.


Why should I hire katu design?

katu design is the leader in top quality home staging. We specialize in decorating homes for the resale market so they get the best selling price in the shortest time.

90% of the homes we have staged have sold in ten days or less, 40% have sold for over asking.

We have been successfully staging homes for a long time. We have a proven and verifiable track record. There are a lot more stagers now then when we first started. To call oneself a stager requires no degree, no education, no training. It is an unregulated field. That is why it is important to check the references, see a portfolio, and ask about experience. We are happy to provide all of that information and more.


If another company offers to do the job for much less than katu design will you match the price?

Probably not. In our experience there is always a reason a price is much lower.  Usually we find the low price is reflected in the final product.  There may be very few art or décor items, no coffee table where you would expect one, not enough rugs or too small rugs. Maybe one décor item is used throughout the home. Sometimes the quality of the furniture does not match the calibre of the home. Any number of things can bring down the price but sadly also the value. Ultimately the house does not photograph or show as well as it should and it sits on the market much longer.

 example of bad staging      excellent staging

      Staging that costs less                         Staging that sells

We are very reasonable in our pricing and we pride ourselves on our professionalism and experience.  We will not accept a job if we feel we will not be proud of the outcome.

We have our own warehouse of furniture and décor items so we can decorate an empty house from top to bottom. We have everything it takes to make your house look like a model home whether you need everything or just a few items. We make it happen.


Do I need to go through an agent to hire katu design?

We work with the top Real Estate Agents in Toronto but also with home owners, so you can call or email us directly.


How much will it cost to stage my home?

It is reasonable to spend 1-2% of the value of your home to have it staged.

Depending on the condition of your home you may choose to spend more on painting and upgrading things like carpeting.


What if I don't have much money to spare to fix up my house?

Calling katu design is a smart economic decision. We have years of experience helping homeowners find the quickest most cost efficient ways to make their house look its best.

We will help you set priorities and make decisions on what is worth doing and what is best left for a buyer to do.


What will you do after I call you?

We will set a time for an initial consultation - this will take about one to two hours in your home. We will discuss any areas of concern you or your agent have and go over how much or how little work you want to do.


Why should I paint my house when the buyer will just want to pick their own colours?

Paint is a seller's best friend - paint looks fresh and new. A buyer may not have picked the colours specifically but they are more likely to buy a home with fresh current colours they can live with than a house that needs to be painted. 


Will katu design pick colours for me?

Absolutely - we will give you the paint chips and recommend reliable and reasonable painters.


Isn't staging only for homes in the high end?

We have worked in homes from 300k to multi-million. Staging benefits homeowners in all price points. Sellers in the lower end stand to see the biggest return on money spent because there are more houses that require work in the lower ranges. In the higher end staged homes sell faster than their unstaged competitors.