To show your home to its best advantage we recommend doing the following.



Potential buyers are looking at the kind of lifestyle they would enjoy if they bought your home. They need to see the best possibilities of your home and to be able to envision themselves living there. To show your home to its best advantage we recommend doing the following:
  1. Clean the home everywhere, especially the kitchen and bath - This is the kind of clean that involves toothbrushes and ends up sparkling. This is the most important thing you can do. Vacuum frequently if you have pets and keep pet areas cleaned. This may not be the kind of clean you would do every week or level of clean you could maintain every day but... the more effort you put in initially the quicker your house will sell.

  2. Remove excess items and tidy all cupboards and closets - if it appears you don't have enough room they will think they won't. Don't tidy rooms by putting things in a closet or basement; get it out of the house all together.

  3. Professionally steam clean existing carpets and replace any worn or aged broadloom - nothing like a fresh new scent

  4. Clean walls and touch-up paint where necessary and possible

  5. Ensure all lights are functioning and have bright bulbs

  6. Have windows cleaned - this may seem minor but clean windows let so much more light in

  7. Make sure no faucets are leaking or dripping

  8. Ensure there are no roof or basement water leaks

  9. Keep up the front of the house whether raking leaves or shoveling snow

If you would like for katu design to arrange for any of these services please let us know.